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JULY, 5 - 9, 2019  


On behalf of the Volleyball Master of Brazil and the Department of Events, it is our pleasure to join our hosts to welcome you to Saint Peter, Brazil and the city Convention Center for the Challenge Volleyball Master – Saint Peter - SP – Brazil. We thank you for your continued support and offer our best wishes to each participant for a successful and enjoyable experience.

First time participants can look forward to a time of fellowship and making new friends; returning players to the renewal of friendships and the making of new ones.

We extend our thanks to the Saint Paul Volleyball Association for helping to host this event. They are already working hard preparing for this big event.

Lourival Faria

Chief Executive Officer


> $600 USD per team. Includes: 

> All tournament fees including costs for officials, courts.

> Guarantee of a minimum of five (5) volleyball matches.

> Championship, Trophy, Medal Matches and Award Ceremonies.

> Feast of fraternization.

> Official Entry Form

> Additional guests are welcome to attend the tournament.

FIVB/FPVM rules will govern play.


Women’s: [A]35+, [B]40+, [C]45+, [D]50+, [E]55+, [F]60+, [G]65+.

Men’s:[a]55+, [b]65+.

Age divisions for all team competition will be determined by the age of the youngest team member.

Teams are allowed a maximum of 12 rostered players.

Matches will be played according to the official FIVB rules of the game, with the exceptions of the following items:

Up to 12 [twelve] substitutions will be allowed in the same set, and the player who returns the court in the same set will replace, obligatorily, the player who entered his place.

The height of the net will be the official, that is, from 2.43m for the male and 2.24m for the female. In the categories 50+ - 55+ - 60+ - 65+ in men the height will be 2.38m and in the categories 50+ - 55+ - 60+ - 65+ in the female will be 2.20m.


 Preliminary Round Robin.  

> Classification phase.

> The teams will play preliminary round robin matches on the first two days.

Modified Knockout Round.

 If numbers are conducive, teams will be divided into pools within their age divisions. Within each pool a single round-robin tournament will be played. At the conclusion of the round-robin winners will advance and play a single elimination tournament. If entries are not conducive, a double-elimination tournament will be played within the age division.


Team Captains must supply uniform numbers for all players prior to their first match

Teams must have uniforms of identical shirts with permanent numbers 1-99 (minimum size: 4” on front, 6” on back)

Teams must wear similarly colored shorts
The libero must wear a uniform that is clearly contrasting in comparison to the color of the regular jersey color of the other team members

The athlete who will act in the position of libero must be indicated before the beginning of each set and be of the same category of the team.

The Games will be played in a best of 03 (three) sets.

Each team must have their balls for heating. The organization will not offer balls for heating.


The official ball of this competition will be that of Penalty PRÓ 7.0.


Final Registration Deadline –30st of May, 2019.

Participation is limited to 90 teams.

Participants may play in two teams of different Divisions as long as they are age-compliant.

AWARDS: Trophies and Medal.

The champion teams, runners-up and 3rd placed in each category, will receive the tournament trophy

The champion teams, runners-up, 3rd and 4th placed in each category will receive medals symbolizing gold, silver, bronze and copper.


All check-in procedures will take place at the A de São Pedro Convention Center.  

Teams must be completely checked in prior to closure of registration (13:00PM) on their check-in day.

Please arrange travel accordingly to ensure you arrive on your check-in day.

Team Representatives and/or Captains for the teams will need to attend a team meeting prior to competition. Friday, July 05th 11:00 AM.

The roster may be changed for free prior to June 20th, 2019.  Between this deadline and the team’s first match, the following fees will apply. No changes may be made after the first match has started.

Addition of participants to the roster after the deadline will be done on-site. R$ 50,00 each addition.


Optional Ground Transportation from Guarulhos International Airport to the city of Águas de ST Pedro, will be available at a cost of R $ 2,900.00 (S1.080 USD) For groups of 12 up to 18 people > round trip.


Special discounted lodging rates at our partner hotels as follows:

Hotel Avenida: R$ 1.900,00 (Real) Prices in double room (2 people).

Includes:  4 nights with breakfast + taxes.   www.avenidacharmehotel.com.br  

Hostel Piccola: R$ 1.120,00 (Real) Prices in double room (2 people).

Includes:  4 nights with breakfast + taxes. http://pousadapiccola.com.br/

Hotel Golden House: 3*R$ 1.320,00(Real) Prices in double room (2 people). 

Includes:  4 nights with breakfast + taxes. http://www.pousadagoldenhouse.com.br/

All hotels nearby, 100 meters from the site of the games.

Each team is responsible for its own lodging.  

Reservations can be made directly with the hotel of your choice. •

 Soon we will send the sites to contact..These discounted rates will remain available until May 10, 2018.

Hotel of superior or inferior category, consult us.

How to get to the city of Saint Peter.

Guarulhos Airport São Paulo 180 km.

Viracopos Campinas Airport 90 km.

If you are going to have any problems, please contact the LF Sports tournament organization.

Lourival Faria

Chief Executive Officer









São Paulo - SP

(55 -11) 9 9894-1254